WD My Cloud - Windows 7 Explorer access being prevented


I’m a new user to WD MyCloud, having recenlty bought a 2TB unit primarily to use along with a Sonos music system. I also use it as a means to back-up / store my photos and other information I currently have on my desktop PC.

I’m not the most IT literate of people, so please bear with me.

I have set-up the WD MyCloud using my desktop PC and using the dashboard, have granted access to my iPhone and iPad. I am the only user / sharer of the WD MyCloud system so far, and probably will ever be.

When I open Windows Explorer on my PC, I have five folders “Dougie”, “Public”, “SmartWare”, “Sonos” and “TimeMachineBackup”.

As of last night however, using my desktop, I can no longer gain access the “Dougie” folder for whatever reason, I have no idea what has happened.

When I double-click on the folder, I am getting a message to tell me that I do not have the necessary permissions to gain access to the folder and I need to contact my system administrator - however I am logged as the system administrator on my desktop!! 

I have checked within the “Share” section of the WD desktop site and have all folders set to sharing / public.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I have done and how I can rectify?



Welcome to the WD Community.

Are you able to access the share from a different location? Perhaps, a different computer?