My Cloud Home Setup Help Please

I just purchased a My Cloud Home, and am looking to connect it unfortunately I do not have any open ports on the back of my router. I do have an open slot on my switch, can I connect it there or does it have to be connected directly to the router. I just don’t want to completely unpack it if its not going to work. Thank you in advance.

Have you visited the Learning Center? It should give you the information you need to set it up.

Yes, unfortunately it only shows it being connected to a router, and not a switch. I have watched others to see, but again it does not state whether it will work or not.

There are a lot of potential variables (hence we recommend going direct to the router) but in most cases it should work fine from the switch. The most likely side effect (if any) is you might have to use the security code to manually find the device in case it isn’t discovered automatically. The setup flow will walk you through it if that is the case. If you have any trouble let us know.

My Cloud Home Product Team

I am an unfortunate victim of the MyCloud Home product. I purchased it from Best Buy; discovered that its serial number was declared ‘invalid’ by the website, and also WD people. Eventually they somehow activated it, now serial number seems to work. (Ooops! See below! It no longer works!!!) The WD staff then informed me that there was an incompatility between my Arris gateway router and the MyCloud Home product. Stated that I would have to purchase a “switch” to connect the MyCloud to the router. I objected that I shouldn’t have to purchase more hardware to fix a problem they caused, or at least one I DIDN’T cause. After what seemed like a 1-hour online remote session, the WD person finally claimed that the system was functional. I watched the whole session; I understood almost nothing about what he had just done. I began realizing that the MyCloud Home product was obviously not understandable nor useable by an ordinary computer user. I wanted to return it, but Best Buy said that I only had a 15-day return policy, despite the Serial Number error that wasted 3 of those days. Neither Best Buy nor WD offered to pay for the “switch” that they had said would be necessary. Indeed, they would not even IDENTIFY which specific “switch” would work to make the system run.
Oddly, after that long remote session, and without installing the “switch”, they claim it is now working. I ask, rhetorically, “If that “switch” was actually necessary, how did the tech figure out how to make it work without the “switch””.
Maybe the MyCloud Home product is working, for one of my networked computers. However, I have a home network, and I want to activate its function for another computer on the web. I have no idea how to do that, and I try to read the MyCloud Home documentation, and am even more firmly convinced that ordinary computer users do not have a prayer to understand it, at least not without days or weeks of study. The (Indian) WD staff member who (finally) did the remote session to activate my device said that he had taken 30 days of instruction before he was able to work in his position on MyCloud Home.
How do I even begin? The documentation looks like it is written for people who ALREADY know how to do it all, but just need a reminder of the details. (Over the years, I’ve found this is typical for documentation written by ‘experts’ who have no recognition that somebody else doesn’t actually UNDERSTAND the subject.) A person who is entirely new to this product, such as myself, doesn’t know where to start.
Sure, somebody says, "look at "
To me, that’s something like a person pointing to an encyclopedia (they used to have such things, kids!) and saying, “The information you want is somewhere in there! Go find it!” This amounts to a sick joke.
This is NOT NOT NOT a simple product. It’s not even a moderately complex product. Instead, it’s a VERY complex product that is masquerading as a “simple” product. The hardware itself is, seemingly, very simple: Plug the adapter into AC and the MyCloud Home device; plug the Ethernet cable from the MyCloud Home to the router. (but even THAT had compatibility problems, as I stated above!) But where does a person go?!? I ran that Smartphone app, which seemingly started backing up pictures on my smartphone, but it wouldn’t back up the computer. Eventually that 1-hour remote session “worked”, kinda sorta, but now I’m trying to duplicate that, for a second computer, with all of the online documentation, which is very hard to understand.
Ever heard the saying, “Not Ready for Prime Time”? THAT is the MyCloud Home product!!!

Just a moment ago, I tried to send a Help message through
One of the things I had to enter was the (Previously called defective; then seemingly fixed; now defective again) “Serial Number” for the device. Well, NOW the site’s entry system no longer recognizes this password: It has magically become DEFECTIVE again. Do you, or they, realize how abusively RUDE it is for a company’s help system to ask for a “Serial Number”, and nevertheless when I CORRECTLY enter the actual serial number on the label on the WD MyCloud Home device, it rejects it. In other words, I cannot get to “square one” getting help through that system, because of this terrible bug. Imagine a store with an automatic front door which LOCKS when it asks you to tell it the serial number of a purchased product, claiming that the Serial Number written on the device isn’t valid!
I WANT A FULL REFUND!!! In 40 years of buying computer hardware, I have never seen such an abusive, absurd combination of misconduct and poor performance as I have now seen with Western Digital and the MyCloud Home product.

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