What Did I buy

I bought a My Cloud Home thinking I was buying a external hard drive ??? Now after too many hours searching I am at wits end !!! It seems I cannot use it without a router so I am SOL !!! I have tried hooking it into every thing I own with no luck. [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY] if any ideas I am disabled right now so can not get to router and ethernet cable not feasible so maybe open it up to see if any thing I can use ???

No, you did not buy a hard disk for your PC, although you did buy a hard disk for your router/home network. (LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.) Hook it only to your router with nothing but Ethernet cable. Your home also needs internet service.

Either wait until you are able to connect it properly or return it to seller,asap. You will also need the complete user guide you can download from WD Support. If all you need is HD for computer go to wdc.com and you can find all info you need.