My Cloud Home disconnecting Router

I recently got a my cloud home and connected it up to my router. Everything was going smoothly for about a day before the internet started cutting out to every device in the house.

What happens is I connect the my cloud to the router, and the internet immediately starts to cut out (it doesn’t matter if the other devices are on wifi or cable). When I disconnect it everything returns to normal. I’ve tried resetting the router and device and it usually works for an hour or so before cutting out again.

Any suggestions? I don’t have a problem with any other device connected to the router (which is relatively modern).

@tjr60uk What is the Make and Model of your Router and how is it connected to the network?
Do you have WD Discovery and Desktop Sync enabled as well?

Hey, Virgin Superhub Three, connected by fibre, the my cloud is connected by cable and the rest of the stuff in the house is over wifi. Yes, and Yes.

Having another problem now, when a firmware update pops up in WD discovery, it just says “no drive found” and I can’t update anything.

@tjr60uk Sounds like you are using WD Discoverie’s Desktop Sync. How much content are you syncing?
Desktop Sync is not a “backup” so there’s constant traffic between the My Cloud Home and the Sync Client (Computer) checking for file changes.

There’s about 1.5TB on there and I’ve tried just signing out of it of the WD discovery, but I don’t understand why that would basically disable the router?