Internet Disconnecting

I have an odd situation whereby when I connect the network cable from My Cloud Home into my internet router, the internet stops working on my connected devices. If I disconnect the network cable from the router, everything starts working again. This pattern occurs on different routers.
I had disconnected the router and My Cloud earlier whilst moving furniture. My Cloud is now offline as I don’t know how to resolve this?

@Bart_Gunn Are you using WD Discovery and Desktop Sync? If so…

  1. Sign out of within WD Discovery
  2. Power ON the My Cloud home and put it back on the network

Do you still have the same issue?
Does not using Desktop Sync resolve the bandwidth issue?

I followed your instructions, unplugged everything, plugged everything back in and then signed back in to WD Discovery and we seem to be back to normal.
Thank you

@Bart_Gunn Where you using Desktop Sync or no?

How can I tell? I signed back into WD Discovery app on my MacBook. Not sure what desktop sync is?