WD My Cloud Home Device Offline

Suddenly WD My Cloud Home device appears offline over the internet through WD Discovery, Web Interface, and Mobile app but it’s working through the local network on WD Discovery, Web Interface, and Mobile app. My router is connected to the internet and sure there’s no problem because I can access the Internet and other internet services. Severally restarted both routers and My Cloud Home. Any idea to resolve the issue!Capture


It’s exactly the same here on my 4TB MyCloud Home!! Any solution?

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i try add my 4TB mycloud home to my account but can’t? some thing wrong?

Same problem like the people above. Device seems to go on and offline at random…

same here :frowning:

I have this problem too … Is it possible that there would be a server-side problem with WD?

The my cloud status page shows the service is up. See the link below. Are you still seeing the issue? Was it working before?


I have the same problem. Was working just fine until I think Monday.
No online access through LAN.

Has there been sent a update directly to the drive and its something with that?

the same issue(

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I think they have some problem in the EU and APAC region … Which concerns me, so I hope it will soon solve … Thanks for referring to the state of the server

Dear WD Community,

We are currently working on the issue.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.



Estimated time for fix?


same issue here and lasted over a week, pls expedite

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Seems to be a really big problem for them. Since it’s still going on…

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Any tentative date? I can’t access my files through the internet! Please Reply!

I just bought the 6TB one yesterday, and just getting “Uknown error” message, up to now still not able to use it.
I am surprised that such a server outage could last for 4 days (especial much of the services in the world are in “Cloud” already), and no update were there to the customers!



From Thailand. Same problem here!! and mycloud is still offline. T^T

Totally agree!!

I am from Indonesia, “Server is offline please try again later”… ■■■■ device…

Dear WD_Admin
Want to hear from you! Its a critical case. We have been stuck with this cloud device. Please help us by providing the appropriate solution. Please do it urgently!

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