WD My Cloud Home Device Offline


I’m having same (or similar) problem where the error says: “Server is offline. Please try again later.”

Multiple restart on all devices (WD, Modem, Router, Laptop, even mobile phones) has tried but to no avail.

Please help.



Same exact issue. Can connect when computer and mobile are connected to local network but no access remotely.

Timeline on when this will be resolved? Kinda need my work files on the go.


I’m from Indonesia. I have same problem here since 1 week ago. I can access using local network, but I can’t access remotely using different network (ISP). Please FIX this isssue.


My MyCloud Home (bought last SAT) resumed to normal this morning.
but status.mycloud.com/os4 from WD still showing outage


Problem still seems to be going on. At home, no problem. At the office. Errors.


This is a big problem and seems like WD are going to avoid the solution. They are not properly discussed the solutions with the posters. I think there is a challenge in solving the issue. Those who are suffering I have a solution. While I wrote the post (top of the post) the issue left me into the great trouble.

I bought a real IP and set it to my router and the problem gone. If possible buy a real IP. If there’s any difficulty buying real IP those may add an additional public DNS which redirects your router. This may solve the problem. Try adding Google DNS / or any other open public DNS.



I have a my cloud home 3TB drive, recently it’s now saying offline or not connected. It’s connected directly to my router and I’ve tested the network connection between the 2.

My drive did have the power plug pulled out and when I plugged it back in I had a fast blinking light, this has now gone to a solid light but says offline or not connect.

It has now gone back to a fast flashing but then stops and goes to a solid light for 10 seconds then back to flashing

Please help


Please follow below link that may solve the problem:


Waste of cash :frowning:


Any updates? Set mine up on Friday with no issues. Moved all photos across from my IPhone, close to 8000 with no issues. Come Sunday it says it’s offline. Have restarted the router, have restarted the mycloud home and nothing. The LED light stays on solid from the minute it is turned on. The lights at the Ethernet connection show top light green and bottom light not on at all. Have deleted all the photos off my phone which means the only place they now are is on the mycloud that now won’t work. @WD_Admin please tell me what to do that doesn’t involve a system reset which will result in the loss of all my photos. Which is the exact reason I purchased this device in the first place. $300 potentially wasted. Not impressed.


If the LED is solid from the second it is turned on and does not go through the start up sequence the drive may have failed. This may be why you are not getting the Link light on the Ethernet port as well. Does the device go through the LED sequence that is in the support article below?


Hi, @drlucky thanks for responding. No it is defiantly solid from when it is turned on. :frowning: it wasn’t initially though. Only after a couple of days. I’ve turned it off and on and the same with the routers as suggested in other articles but no luck.


sounds like it is defective. you would need to request a replacement

From the article I linked above:

Important: If the LED remains solid white when the unit is plugged into a power outlet, the device is not booting up.


:sob::sob::sob: so upset. I read through the terms of RMA and it says you are not guaranteed to get a new device, that you can end up with a reconditioned one. Pretty ridiculous when I’d be returning a brand new device that isn’t even 3 weeks old. Thanks for your help. I’ll take it back to the retailer and see what they say. :rage::rage::rage:


Just kidding as this won’t be happening, while I hope this happens to me:
If you can get a replacement of MyCloud instead of MyCloud Home, then you are lucky~

The MyCloud Home really lack some essential function features, e.g. cannot assign disk quota to TimeMachine (How to set a Time Machine disk quota limit) or the smb public space, Acronis backup cannot work with a private space smb (not available in MCH, only the “guest” a/c public space given).


When this issue will be resolve? any estimation please?