Cannot Connect to MyCloudHome

I currently cannot connect to my MyCloudHome. I have tried rebooting it, as well as my router, about three times.

My router is working great, and I have internet access. My Router can also “see” the MyCloudHome. Strangely enough, my plex server, that runs off of the MyCloudHome is working great as well. I just cannot connect to it to upload any data.

I have attempted to use the web-interface, as well as the Windows application, and neither of these will allow me to connect.

If the Plex Server is running, it would seem that the device is working… So… why can’t I connect to it?

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I am facing the same problem today, something is definitely wrong with servers


I certainly hope that’s the case.

So, then my question is… Why is there no notification to their MyCloud Customers? What the heck? Just let us dangle at the end of a rope thinking our devices are broken? Let us run around all day trying to figure out what the frickin’ problem is? Seriously?

I cannot connect to mine either. Has anyone figured out a fix yet? Thanks so much!

Same here. Unable to connect to i.p address (MYCLOUD).
I can see the NAS on the system i.e the router map.
It would appear thatmy home network can see \MYCLOUD but is unable to connect to it.
I give up.
I have had difficulty with this system from day one (a couple of years ago), I think it might be ready for the hammer.

Saving files to three c.d roms and hiding them around the house in different locations was easier.


I have the same problem.

Hello, the same thing happens to me since tonight it has gone from working perfectly … to stopping doing it. I don’t know what problem it will have, I hope it’s something foreign to the device and it’s the fault of the WD servers (?) I wouldn’t want to perform a hard reset of more than 60’ and lose all the stored information. Help please

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Looks like the same thing is happening to me. Internet is working fine. It just randomly showed Offline and haven’t been able to access it at all.

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Same is happening with me, even though the status of the connection on their end is all up. Should we wait for them to solve the isue on their end?

Same issue with me, today my WD is offline and cannot be accessed through my desktop, wep app, website, … all is offline!

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I have the same problem and I already reported that the logs shows certificate issues trying to access to some HTTPS URLs since today afternoon (CET).

Today the “Let’s encrypt” root certificate expired and issues were expected in old devices or devices that didn’t updated the root certificate on their firmware. And trying to access the URLs I saw on the logs their certificate was correct, so everything look like this is the issue.

I cannot confirm 100%, and sorry for pointing to this if I’m wrong, but I’d say this is the problem. A firmware update should be required to resolve it, but if this was not done before the issue, I guess that it will complicate an automatic update, so I’m afraid that if this is the issue, the easiest solution will be a manual update once it’s fixed.

Let’s wait for support to confirm if this is the issue and do not do any hard reset or similar that could affect your data. It seems to be an issue affecting all , or at least, most of the users. DO NOT do anything that could put in risk your data.

If we opt to update nontheless manually what is the worst that can happen? Nothing at all?

I didn’t see any option to update it manually. Didn’t checked too much neither. Let’s wait for some indications from support teams.

I just recommend raising a ticket, so they prioritize it as this is impacting many users if not all off them.

Link to the issue I mentioned:

I want to clarify that this is just a guessing as a user affected by this issue. I have no evidence and the issue could be totally not related to this

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It the same for me 5 days ago, still can’t access my cloud home and it keeps appear offiline

Getting device offline error as well

My Cloud Home is also showing as offline, I am in South Africa

Gosh I really need access to the data is there anyway else to get to the files ?

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I am getting Device offline messages on all my apps.

And i have a slow white light flashing constantly.

I see they are having an outage at the moment.

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I’m having the same issues - offline, and no chance of connection

I was just on the online chat with WD Customer Support this afternoon. Apparently it is a WD problem and not our MyCloudHome devices. This is what I was told:

“The server should be up and working in a few hours. The WD server is under maintenance and our engineering team is working. I would suggest to wait a few hours and the front LED should turn solid white.”

I suggested to WD customer support that if it is a WD issue, there should be something posted on the website to inform all WD users to avoid any frustrations.


I have the same problem here…

Hope that WD will solve it soon.