My Cloud Home and xFinity/Comcast Router issues

I have recently moved from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast in Florida. The nearly new My Cloud Home I have worked great in the Tampa Bay area, but now my internet provider is different (xFinity/Comcast). I downloaded the cell phone app and it shows that the My Cloud Home is connected to the xFinity Router and working properly. However when I try to open the WD Discovery app on my laptop, it says that my Device if offline, and that it might be offline or rebooting. WD support is blaming it on xFinity and xFinity support is blaming it on WD.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? I am running Windows 11, and I can’t seem to see a connection to the device on my laptop, despite the fact that they are both connected to the same router (device is hardwired, Laptop is WiFi). I can see the connection showing up in my xFinity cell phone app as a device connected to the Gateway and the Hostname shown corresponds to the MAC1 address shown on the My Cloud Home device so I know it is reading it. Why won’t it show up on the Laptop?

Hi @w0bud,

Please refer to the article: My Cloud Home Not Detected, Not Found, Cannot Connect or Device Offline: WD My Cloud Home Not Detected, Not Found, Cannot Connect or Device Offline

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Did that. Case #221112-002069. Still unsuccessful

I have contacted Comcast regarding the recommendation to enable certain ports on my router to connect the My Cloud Home… In order to obtain access to the ports mentioned, I would have to sign up for a more expensive commercial internet account, then buy and install a completely new router different from the router they provided. All this due to the MyCloud being recognized as a significant security risk on their platform. The increase in expense would be considerable. There is still no guarantee that the MyCloud Home device would work properly, or at all.

At this point, I am unwilling to go through the hassle explained above for what is essentially a home backup device for me. After having researched the issue, I have found hundreds of complaints online regarding past (8-10 years) and current connection issues with the MyCloud products. I have decided to cut my losses and either find a way to connect the My Cloud home directly to my laptop without internet, or to just buy a cheaper external hard drive for local use. While I am not happy with Comcast, I recognize their security concerns. I am very disappointed in Western Digital at the moment.

That being said, the My Book I purchased 15± years ago is still working like a charm.

Get a different router and save on the monthly charge. Everybody knows comcast bilks its customers and locks down their router. You have my sympathies, on both counts.

Still doesn’t explain the hundreds of complaints from users regarding inability to access their My Cloud Home regardless of internet provider it is connected to - even if they can make the initial connection. There is something very wrong here also with the fact that Western Digital sold this item without revealing there is no way to retrieve any data from it unless it is on the internet. That wasn’t the case with the MyCloud that they said it would replace. Manual also does not specify the ports that need to be enabled for it to work. Lots of concerns here for me beyond actual functionality of the device.

Most of the complaints were firmware upgrade problems and OS network permission and compatibility changes over many years that have nothing to do with routers which is probably the source of your network problem. The MCH is the cheapest network hardware solution for home users and if it no longer works one should just sell it and not expect something like this would last more the 1 year warranty.