My Cloud Home device is showing as offline


I’m unable to access the my cloud home device as it’s showing as offline. I can see it in the network. I am able to ping the IP address. I still could not access it in any way. I tried going into the browser and accessing it via the IP address, I get Site Unreachable. The same goes when I type in http://mycloudmirror.local. Tried mapping it, too, using the IP address, no joy there as well. The LED light at the front shows a slowly blinking white light. I configured the current IP to static. Tried power-cyling the device. Tried pushing the reset button for 30 seconds. None helped. Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


If you have a My Cloud Mirror, then you don’t have a My Cloud Home. The sub-forum you have posted in is for a My Coud Home.

What Firmware does your My Cloud Home have? Is it a 1st or 2nd generation?

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