I lost an access to My Cloud Home

Dear All,

Since few days I am expieriencing problems with an access to MyCloud Home. My app says it is in offline mode and also the router does not see it. Whats went wrong?
I can not even reset the device since it is out of internet connection.
Did someone have such problems with this model?



Have you checked the Knowledge Base?

Support | Western Digital

Troubleshooting Steps for a My Cloud Home Device Offline Guided Assist (wd.com)

Nobody here could possibly know what has happened to your device based on the description you gave.

WD servers are up and running. They are not the problem.

Only you have physical access to your device and also the knowledge of the history of the device such as how old and what type of usage and how much storage you have used.

Only you have access to your router and know any changes, if any that you have applied - for example any of these changes could have disconnected the My Cloud Home.

  • Enabled parental control
  • Disable UPnP
  • Any new firmware applied by you or the ISP if the router is from them.

The simplest advice is to check your cables and reboot everything, check the router, the PC and if you still can’t access the My Cloud Home, you can try to unplug its power and plug it back in.

The next step after that will be to try the WD Tech support and report what you have tried.

I have problem for mostly a week to acces my Cloudhome.Any one could helpme