My Cloud Home Showing as “Offline”

Hi there

For the last 3 days my cloud home is not accessible neither on iOS nor through web page.

It is showing that my device “my cloud home” is offline.

Can you please confirm if this issue is with my device only or there is a problem at WD server from where we access our my cloud home.

If it’s an issue my end can you please guide. Or if the issue is with WD server, can you please give an idea how long will it take to fix it?




You could refer to the following link: WD My Cloud Home Not Detected, Not Found, Cannot Connect or Device Offline

Anyone who has same issue and able to fix it. Please share how you get it fix! Please

Are WD support team or as a matter of fact anyone at WD actually working on fixing the My Cloud Home Offline and unaccessible issue seriously.

We are their customers and based on our faith in their company have spent our money and put our data on their device which have erroneous update and made our device inaccessible.

They have professional, legal and moral obligation to get the matter resolved immediately. Contrary to this, WD is oblivious and not doing anything to resolve the matter and the worst thing is, their support team is suggesting the customers to hard reset the my cloud home device on trial and error bases and jeopardising the data. This needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.


I have the same problem and it has been offline since Friday the 26 of June! I have been looking on the link that Jonty.S posted and yes it could probably be that there is a solution there. Has anyone else tried them out?
For info, my device is 2 months old and it does not feel good to have problems already

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