My home cloud is showing offline on desktop device

I have the my home cloud and it is working perfectly fine on the app.

I have logged in on my laptop and the device is showing offline so I can’t upload any photos or video.

I have rebooted and logged out and back in again but not having much joy.

Any advice/help?

There’s currently issues at the moment with WDs servers. No idea what but it’s on the WD status website

Hi There,

Mine has been down for going onto 3 days now on all devices and my cloud home webpage. My status page is showing everything is running fine with an indecent dated April 21, 2020 for intermittent issues. I have posted the same issue as yours on this board. No WD staff have replied to say what the issue is or how to fix it. :frowning_face:

@WD_Admin @WD_MCH can we have a response please?

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