Device offline issue

My internet and connection work fine. However My Cloud app show “Device offline”
Desktop WD discovery show “Offline”

I was able to access yesterday night after few attempts.
Unable to access at all today! Tried unplug, 4 second reset also the same .
Anyone experience the same issue? Network down?

Yes currently having the same problem

is it fixed now?

Yes. Same issue

Can someone from WD reply this? When will it be fixed? How can retrieve files from mycloud if device offline?

Called support line today. Waste 1 hours! Based on Beijing, the guy said China server has issue but working fine in Singapore.

Even told me if something so important, I should back up another copy first back up to myclould… like WTF! Like Back up another “back up”

Shame on you WD! No reply no response! Zero customer service! Will never ever buy another WD product. Tell all my friends this horrible company!!

Everyone please call WD support line insist to create incident ticket for device Offline issue.

They claim no body report and they won’t do anything self claiming their server is working fine.

Anyone who has same issue and able to fix it. Please share how you get it fix!

I’m having the same issue. Device is offline. Never remembers the password or login info. Works for a little while. Causes all file access to hang in windows.