WD MY Cloud Home is Offline

I left my computer copying a couple files then when I returned it says the mycloud device is offline, I have re-booted it, unplugged… removed virus program in case it was stopping it access sue to a firewall, but nothing is working. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks!


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/24283

Everyone can find this info. Totally useless! Can WD just admit your network down? Let it fix can you

Can every one share their countries.
It may be regional issue.

Im in Canada, and i think it was around 19th of june 2020 i faced the issue that my device my cloud home became offline.

Ive been trying to see if others have the same issue or its just me.

Lets start a thread here and be mentally at peace that its not our device its the wd network issue.

Singapore here. Down since 20th June

Canada also, about mid june for me as well

I should mention they told me they think it needs a hard reset, that the solid light on my drive on start up is not good? but since I wanted to get some files off there if it was possible they referred me to some companies where I would pay to get them to retrieve it, not very helpful…

The customer support made me do the 30 - 50 second reboot. The light on the front of the device stayed solid throughout and they have also advised me to third party data recovery.

We have been advised the same thing for the same issue. I personally feel there is issue with the last update they must have done (not aware when it was), but its not due to our specific drives.

What i think the best thing to do is to wait for the update to come and in the meantime keep on contacting the customer support. Just waiting for more similar cases being reported to actually make them look deeper into the issue then to consider our issues as individual issues.

One more thing i just noticed which is very crucial.

WD has updated the firmware version to 4.9.0 on June 15, 2020.

I think this is the time we all starting have the problem, around this time.

So my request is that you do not reset your devices for 60 seconds and lose the data. WD will be coming up with the update soon. Its a debugging they need to initiate as we all collectively keep on complaining.

Stay home, stay safe and stay connected here for collective action.


I also called support line and no help.
Instead I forced him to log my case and wait on the line until I received the incident email.
The WD support line guy told me no one report this issue worldwide and didn’t know WD community has many topics regarding this offline issue.

WD staff if you are reading this, please reply to us!

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7.9.0 is not listed on the change log: https://support-en.wd.com/app/products/downloads/release-notes/note_id/29476

How bizarre.

Good luck!

Are you also facing similar issue?

Not of this kind.
I am still on 7.8.0-112.

Now the WD customer service ppl did a few checks with me over the phone and said that the device is not getting the IP address. I checked on my router dashboard and its showing as the device is connected with the IP address allotted. However, the WD person concluded that my device “My Cloud Home” is defected and i will get a replacement as its under warranty.

Im concerned about my data. What should i do.

Can someone guide me as to how i can gain access to my data.

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I have not got the cord to try and connect the drive directly to computer, was going to buy a usb connector to see if I can access any data on the hard drive and go from there, but at this point I am planning to get another hard drive just not this brand…

There is no way to retrieve files unless device is back online.

Anyone who has same issue and able to fix it. Please share how you get it fix!

I did Mycloud app update on 19jun, ever since offline issue show up!

Was your firmware updated to 7.9.0?
It seems that those who were updated lost access.

May I know how to check the firmware? Sorry I am lack of IT knowledge.

Connect to your device via mycloud.com or the mobile app and looking into settings. You should read the firmware version

But if it is offline I guess you are out of luck.