WD home cloud - after app update device offline

Hey WD,
since I did Mycloud app ver 4.9.0 update ( 27.6.2020) my device is offline.
i contact live chat support and they told me to wait 24 hours.
here are the steps i did without success to fix it :

  1. restarted the device several times
  2. router restarted several times
  3. replaced the LAN cable to a new one
  4. changed port in routed
  5. uninstall and install again the WD discovery
  6. did soft reset ( pressing the button behind the device 24 seconds)
  7. connected to my router and i don’t see the device is connected , seems like he doesn’t getting IP.
    the green link behind is on.
    the white led is slowly breathing.
    all my life data is there and from my reading it seems like there is not solution from WD.
    i have read all the article and nothing helpful.
    somebody from WD can replay \ help ?
    i feel hopeless :persevere:


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You are not alone obviously, see: https://community.wd.com/t/my-cloud-home-showing-as-offline/253210/4

Its really heart breaking to see that the company we bestow our trust by putting in all our data on, has not replied to any of our grievances. They should look into the matter, and face the issue on war footing. Its not just us who are frustrated, they are creating a reputation which will affect their business and wipe out their bottom line profits in the coming future. They need to understand, if we, their customers, are not there, then their existence is just a matter of time.

Therefore, it is suggested to WD to get into action and to begin with, let us all know that they are working on it and get on with it. Simple as that. In the meantime, we should just disconnect our devices and put it aside in order to safeguard the data and wait for the update to come.


I agree with busterbagster. When i updated my iOS app to 4.9.0 my device my cloud home became online. Ive informed the contact centre, but they just are not inclined. They suggested to reboot with 30 to 50 second reset which surely didnt work.

Its time we need to bombard their help line in order for WD to get in action

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