My Cloud Home is Offline

For 3 days my Cloud home device has been flashing and been offline when I sign in.
I’ve tried rebooting it a few times now and still nothing.

It shows up on my router, and on the wd app, but as offline.

I don’t want to do a factory reset as I’ve got 4tb of data on there.

Anyway to get this back online?


I don’t own a My Cloud Home, but have you already looked at the User Manual? See page 4 for front LED blinking. What are the Ethernet LEDs doing? You may need to contact WD Support Team.

I managed to fix the problem by unplugging the power cable and the network cable.
Plugging the power cable back in a min later and about 5 min later plugging the network cable in.

Now the problem is that its always offline.

I think this might be something to do with an update I’m not sure, as I cannot communicate with the device and there is no information on my account saying that it is installing updating or checking installation.

And with no information I have no idea whats happening or if there is anything else I can do.

That happened to many users of this terrible product. Every now and then a firmware upgrade breaks it and up until now I haven‘t seen anybody who fixed it.

I had the same problem a year ago. I restored my data and bought a Synology product which is way better.

I hope you‘ll get your data back.

Oh and if you contact support they‘ll probably tell the same as to everybody: Hardware is broken. They also told me that, but ignore it, they simply can‘t or don‘t want to help

Can the harddrive be removed and inserted into a usb case to read, or well the data on it be encrypted or unreadable?

Before one tries anything, one should troubleshoot the problem. If the MCH is detectable by the router, it is often possible to get a log file. File a support ticket if possible.

I’ve done that manage to download the log files and submit it to support, but the support page will not let me submit at all.

This is so frustrating that it would just be a good idea to rip the thing apart to get accesses to the hard drive and just use it as a normal hard drive.

I’m not buying from wd again thats for sure.

Yes you can remove the hard drive. There are many videos online. In the video I posted there is one as well.

The files are not encrypted in that sense but stores file names and paths in an sqlite database and the files themselves completely fuzzy on the drive.

In the video I posted there is a Python script which helps there. I would suggest to try looking at the video.

First time that has been mentioned. Try using a different location in the Country* field (try United States for example) if it doesn’t allow upload.

This is not rocket science. The debug logs tell a lot about the state of the drive and firmware (FW) update. For example, with a look into the OTA update debug file, one could see whether a FW has been updated successfully. The last OTA updater log will show what version the My Cloud Home (MCH) is running.


Be aware that a lot of dated information which is being offered. The latest improvement in the MCH firmware has made most of what is being mentioned obsolete, for example the dated KDDFS file system is no longer being used for storing new content and the file names are no longer obfuscated on the HDD. There are detailed information right here on this forum on how to ‘shuck’ a MCH without breaking it or your fingers, just search for ‘shuck’ in the MCH subforum section. For those outside of North America, to ‘shuck’ is NA English to remove the outer husk of a pod or an ear of corn.