My Cloud Home - Can not be found on laptop


I have a problem with My Cloud Home. It is connected to the router and is up and running, i can see and use the device on two desktop machines that are cable connected to the router as well as two phones.

Initially i could detect the device on my laptop, but two days ago, it disappeared and has not been found again. The WD Discovery does not have any help to this, nor can i re-login to my account (probably because i am still logged in)

Below picture is all that i get. If i move the cursor over the sign in box, i simply get a red strike-through circle and can not get anywhere with this.

The funny thing is that nothing has changed. I wonder if the anti-virus has something to do with this, i have temporarily disabled it with no success though. I have gone through the settings of the firewall, but see nothing suspicious.

This is a big problem for me as the laptop is what i travel with, and i need to have mobile access to the device.

Help please!

@Heimirab Control + Alt + Delete to open the Task Manager and look for KKD and the Desktop App process.


If not, this may be your issue

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Hi SBrown and thanks for the quick answer.

I did find the kdd, but not the kdd.exe*32 process in the task manager. I can not update the My Cloud Home Desktop app either, so i went ahead and checked to see if compatibility mode was checked and that is not the case. So something else appears to be inhibiting the app from updating.