My Cloud front led color


I have bought a My Cloud 4TB device and suddenly when I connect the device to my local network the front led is blinking in blue but when 3 minutes, more o less, are gone the led is turned off. The device works correctly, it seems, but not the led. Do you know why this happens?

Thanks so much

The front LED shouldn’t “turn off” unless one has trigger a shutdown command. The My Cloud will put the drive into sleep mode (if the sleep mode option is enabled). When in sleep mode the front LED pulses a soft blue that may look like its turned off to some.

If you haven’t already done so it is recommended one reads the My Cloud User Manual where the LED status lights are explained (page 7).

Thank you so much for your answer… The LED has NO COLOR. It starts blinking in blue… and adter 3-4 minutes the LED gets off… No color, not red, not yellow… IT seems the device is off but no, it’s working…

Today I am going to do a physical reset of the device and if the problem is still there I’ll go to my shop and try to get another one.

The only thing I did was that I was “playing” with the android app “My Cloud” and it saved the user and pass and I want to introduce them by hand so I was searching options in the app… and I found an option “Reset Cache” or something similar to that,… something about Cache… From that moment problems with the LED started…

I repeat thanks for your answer and I am going to try to reset the device…

I have already solved this problem. There’s something in the control panel -> configuration that you can active in order to put the LED on or off. It’s something to save energy…


The setting to turn the front LED on or off can be set via the Dashboard > Settings > Energy Saver > LED option.

I placed this video on my You Tube channel.