3TB MYCloud front blue led is always on

Hi to all. I bought recently a 3TB MyCloud, installed it with no problem and it is working normally. But I’ve been noticing that the front blue led is always on. Every now and then I noticed it was blinking, but not for long. Is that normal, or what? I only fund it odd because even at night time or when nothing is active on the networkit for a long time it is alwasys on. Also, it is not performing anything, because when, later on, I activate WD panel, I can see the disk is idle. Thanks for any hints

That is normal operating procedure. When the drive is operating properly the blue LED will be on. When the drive is in sleep mode the blue LED will alternate between bright and dark (or flash if you will). One can turn off the LED by accessing the WD My Cloud Dashboard, navigate to Settings and turn off the LED as well as turn off drive sleep if one so desires.

All of this is explained in the WD My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25). If you haven’t read the User Manual it is recommended you do so to learn about the various settings/options of the WD My Cloud and what the LED colors mean.

Thanks for your reply, Bennor. I knew all that, I usually read manuals, but what’s puzzling me is the short time the device is sleeping. There are days when I don’t use it al all, yet the led is almost never blinking. It’s not a matter of configuring it to be off, the problem is finding out why is it active for such a long time, even when nobody in the network is using it.

There are several things that seem to keep the disk from sleeping. One is that the root mount shuh that every file or folder access requires a disk write. This can be corrected by the following command:

mount -o remount,noatime,nodiratime /dev/root /

This command which is run after SSH into the My Cloud. There is also a problem that the disk is being written every ten seconds with a message about a missing file. This can be corrected by going to /etc/rc2.d and sh ./S20Restsdk-serverd stop


Thanks rac8006, but I must admit and I ashamed but I don’t have the faintest idea of where I can reach and perform these commands :confounded:

If you have a windows PC you need to download a program called putty. Once you have the program you open the program and put the ip address in the IP address bar. Click on ssh for connection type.
Click open and when you get the prompt. type root and press the enter key then type welc0me for the password. Notice the O in welcome is a zero. Now you can enter the commands.

You’ll need to enable SSH, too…


@Mario_Oliveira essentially, the MyCloud is a Linux computer, running a file server. When you connect via SSH, you are logging in as root user to that Linux computer, and executing Linux commands.

Thanks a lot, now it makes sense!

rac 8006, those commands need to be done only once, or every time the MyCloud is dis- and re-connected?
Also, it seems the second command is not accpeted. I enter
cd /etc/rc2.d and once in the directory the command sh ./S20Restsdk-serverd stop is not accepted. It’s not if, but what am I doing wrong?

Sorry the command is sh ./S20restsdk-serverd stop. YOu need to run these commands every time the system reboots.


Thanks, guys. May be it’s not 100% perfect, but now it sleeps much more and more often than before

when I run “sh ./S20restsdk-serverd stop” this in putty or in winscp I get the following

No such file or directory

im in the /etc/rc2.d directory

Last login: Sat Nov 28 18:31:13 2015 from desktop-pthg3rj
WDMyCloud:~# /etc/rc2.d
-bash: /etc/rc2.d: Is a directory
WDMyCloud:~# /ect
-bash: /ect: No such file or directory
WDMyCloud:~# cd /etc/rc2.d
WDMyCloud:/etc/rc2.d# sh ./S20restsdk-serverd stop.
sh: ./S20restsdk-serverd: No such file or directory
WDMyCloud:/etc/rc2.d# sh ./S20restsdk-serverd stop
sh: ./S20restsdk-serverd: No such file or directory

What version of firmware are you on? Also while in the /etc/rc2.d directory do a ls command.


WDMyCloud 3.2.26

Well that’s why the file is not there. Only works on 04.04.01-112.


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I have a new MyCloudEX with the top led constantly flashing amber. The other two leds (relating to the two inserted drives) are solid blue. Also, I can’t get into the device as it asks for a password.

The amber light has an on/off symbol. Does it mean that the device is switched off?

Please note that this subforum is for the single drive My Cloud devices which have a single LED on the front and two LED’s on the back networking port. Your question may be better served in the My Cloud EX subforum where people more familiar with the My Cloud EX could possibly answer your question.


thanks , do you remember any commands for 3.2.26 that can help me?

You won’t need to run the suggested commands, because the service they are controlling isn’t present on anything earlier than v4 OS3 firmware. You will need to look elsewhere to find out why your device isn’t sleeping (assuming that’s why you’'re trying to run the commands).