Blue light on My Cloud off

I noticed the past week that the BLUE light on the front of my MY Cloud is off. I still have full access
to my data. Can anyone tell me if this is a beginning problem?

thanks in advance.

If you use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) you’ll find several past discussions from people who’s front LED light has malfunctioned and no longer show’s Blue despite their My Cloud working just fine. It’s entirely possible your LED Blue element burned out.

Also the single bay My Cloud front LED will slowly pulse blue when in sleep mode. Sometimes it can be hard to see, giving the appearance of the LED not working.

If the My Cloud continues to operate properly you could probably just ignore the LED not operating. If your My Cloud is under warranty you could contact WD (see Support link at top left of page) and see if they’ll take the unit back to fix the LED.

ok. I will leave it alone.

thanks for your post.