Blue LED light not showing on WD cloud

The 2TB box appears to be working ok except the blue LED light on the front is not working at all, there is no light whatsoever. Can anybody suggest why this might be the case please?

Have you checked the Dashboard>Settings>General>Energy Saver>LED? See image below.


In addition to what cat0w said about checking to see if the LED is set to On, if the drive is in Drive Sleep mode (if that option is set to On) the front LED will slowly pulse Blue when the My Cloud is in sleep mode. To some because the LED is faint and pulses it may appear to be off when in fact it is on.

Thank you, have checked all these and all are on. No lights showing at all.

When you restart the My Cloud does the front LED come on at all? You should see a White LED when the device is booting after power on or a restart. If not then it is possible the LED has burned out.

Rebooted the box and the orange light came on, once reboot had finished, the light went out!!

The Blue LED could be burned out. If the device works normally otherwise you can either ignore the fact the Blue LED doesn’t light up or you can contact WD support to see if they’ll take the device back under warrantee (if the device is still under warrantee) to replace/fix.

Thank you, I shall get in touch with WD SUPPORT

I’ve found the same issue on my WD-Mycloud after the blue LED being off for about 2 Years (i was using DSM).

I’ve found the problem is caused by HW so the only choice is replacing it by a rarely used color like Green (which makes more sense by the way)
there are 2 solutions to replace the off LED by green.
1: (Easy)
ssh to the Mycloud.
#nano ~/.bashrc
add below text to the end of the file, then CTRL+X, then Y and then Enter to save the file:
echo green > /sys/class/leds/system_led/color

this way, when the HDD Starts, after a few seconds of being off, the green LED will remain on.

2:(The accurate way):
SSH to mycloud
#nano /usr/local/sbin/
Then replace all “Blue” words with “green” for below line:(i’ve already replaced “blue” with “green”)
LED_NORMAL_COLOR=( “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “off” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “green” “white” “white”)
then CTRL+X, then Y and then Enter to save the file.
To verify, you can reboot the HDD through the webui.

This way the system will simply replace the blue with green.

Note:Possible colors:


Thanks…I gave up and had the box replaced, but will bear this in mind if it should fail again!

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My blue led has been dead for years, and it’s never bothered me. But I thought I’d give your workaround a go. Works nicely, thanks.

To get the LED state to refresh, I unplugged the network cable until the drive realised it was missing, and then plugged it back in. I now have a green LED.

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I spotted it sleeping the other day; nice, slowly throbbing green LED…

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I’d like to start out with THANKS!

  • THANKS to the WD Community at large. Your postings allowed me to realize that the failure of the blue LED is a common problem.

  • Special THANKS to naseriax for providing a software work-around for the failure of the blue LED.

I used solution 2 from naseriax to change all the “blue” references to “green”. Everything is working as expected. Very nice!

For those that may be considering doing the same, I offer the following:

  • Make a backup of prior to making any changes. That way, if you mess it up, you have a clean backup to recover.

  • As instructed, change all “blue” with “green” on the LED_NORMAL_COLOR line. To fully implement the change to green, make the same changes for LED_ERR_COLOR and LED_WARN_COLOR. The change to Warn Color is needed to get the green pulse when the drive is in sleep mode.

Good luck!


Glad being helpful:)

Hello DennisKB
Thankyou so much for this led fix,only one thing, I cannot find the file anywhere?
I have the WD Mycloud 3TB is there something I am missing here,or am I just having a brain freeze?
Thankyou,could you please help me out here? Much appreciated.

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Thanking you 2000% changed blues to green and set LED on in UI works well now I can tel that WDMyCloud drive is On :grinning:

PS turns SSH back off after use in UI to be extra safe.

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March 28, 2020
I reactivated my WD MyCloud (3 TB, gen1 “04”) after disconnecting 18 months ago (upgraded to Synology).
Recommend Upgrade: Firmware Release 04.05.00-342 (09/04/2019)
This NAS appliance actual works better now, than it did in 2017.

naserix solution, plus the DennisKB additions, resolved the dim Blue LED on MyCloud.
Now have a nice bright Green LED.
When using SSH with “root”, remember that password is: “welc0me”


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The file is located in below path, just SSH to your mycloud and you will find it here:


Just a quick note, if you update your firmware, the ledconfig file will be re-written and you need to execute the procedure again to have your Green Led color back.

Have fun and stay safe!

Merci, cela fait plusieurs années que je cherchais un solution pour allumer de nouveau la LED.

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