My Cloud Firmware Version 4.04.05-101 (12/13/16) Discussion

Feel free to discuss the latest firmware for the v4.x single bay My Cloud including any issues you may have.

WDMyCloud 04.04.05-101:
Direct link:
Release Notes:

Resolved Issues:
Improved MyCloud Cloud connectivity across MyCloud web, mobile & client apps.

Seem to take longer to update this time around. Approximately 20 minutes from time update button was selected then reboot to blue LED.

Edit to add: And I may be seeing things but for some reason the Dashboard pages seem to be loading faster. Don’t know if it was the reboot that did it or something with the latest firmware.

Still cannot change the main Public share to Private. :angry:

Twonky version is still version: 7.2.9-6

You may be right. I too have noticed the dashboard loading faster. The graph showing capacity and breakdown never came up so fast. Other than that I yet have to figure something out. I wish they added a more user friendly way of handling the contents and rights management.

So far no problems with Safepoints updating with this firmware version.

After the initial slight delay loading the Dashboard Home page the rest of the Dashboard pages seem to load quicker which is good.

And yes they need a better way the handle the contents/rights management including the ability to control the rights management of subfolders within Shares. Its been a long running complaint/request. It is still frustrating one cannot officially set the main Public Share to Private and must resort to SSH hacks to do so. There are at least five separate threads in the Cloud Ideas subforum requesting that fix.

I wish they would provide more information about the update.

Mine took about 16 minutes to Blue Light. Haven’t noticed any improvement in Dashboard loading. In fact ATM it’s running at about 36% CPU. WDNOTIFIER taking a lot.

Have to see what happens when it stops.


i’ve updated the app and the firmware (first app then fware)… i also noticed the faster access after updating the app…

but the second i updated the fware i am unable to see any video file. i can acces the drive, folder and file but wont open.
plus the app now is slower that before its update and keeps asking to select video player.

i’ve reinstalled the app to previous version… no effect

latest version…no effect

deleted the mobile device on cloud access and the drive from the app…add device to drive and drive to app… no effect

restarted my cloud device… no effectt

i lost the ability to open the files from my mobile device and PC (as admin)

please help… i use this on a daily basis and ran out of ideas :////

What firmware version are you running? What app? On what OS/device? Accessing locally or remotely? What video player are you using to play the video?

No problems here with the latest WD My Cloud app for Android accessing a My Cloud running the latest firmware via local network connection. Can play MP4 video through the My Cloud app using MX Player. No problem on that same mobile Android device accessing a different remote My Cloud, but unknown if that one is running the latest firmware (I assume it is).

firmware version: 2.21.126
PC app: WD My Cloud (
app: my Cloud (v
PC: win7 Home Premium
Smartphone: Android KitKat 4.4.2

if local = from my pc using WD My Cloud ( to open file = error (see pic attached)
if remotely = using my phone app my Cloud (v to open file = same error as above (see pic attached)

preferred video app: VLC (never had an issue before)

video file type: mp4, mkv, avi (all fail to open)

it was working just fine, i opened the mobile app to watch a video. got the firmware update request message, clicked ok… 10 sec later no video file opens

i’ve put a request to WD support but i was hoping that this issue had been raised and fixed… guess not… :confused:

i’m not sure what the “PC app” is, in windows i do not have any WD software installed and just use my cloud as a mapped network drive.

i noticed this new firmware upgrade is available but am doing research before installing it to make sure there are no nasty bugs.

anyone else having issues like angel_viana ?

No. Firmware 4.04.05-101 is working fine for me. No problems using the My Cloud Desktop program to open video’s in VLC. No problems using the WD My Cloud app for Android on two separate devices. Video opens up in MX Player without issue. Normally use mapped drives locally on my Windows PC’s and video opens without issue in VLC.

Since I updated to this firmware two days ago my device won’t sleep. The only reason I updated to this firmware in the first place was because my device was frequently waking up briefly throughout the day for no reason. I Rebooted My Cloud and and it still wont sleep at all. I have an older WD My BookLive NAs on the same Network that has no problem sleeping. In mycloud settings I’ve disabled all network access and Cloud features/dlna and everything else. Of course power saving sleep mode is enabled. I bought this from Western Digital as recertified a little less than a month ago. But I feel like I shouldn’t keep if I can’t sleep reliably.

EDIT-- after factory reset in settings sleep appears to be working

thanks for replying Bennor.

in recent years i’ve become increasingly distant from downloading updates and upgrades in general for any PC or accessory, mainly because there is increasing risk with that, as ppl start dialing in with issues.

even moreso for a NAS device, which i have trusted to keep all my years of saved data. i would say my NAS data is more important than the PC’s i have that interact with them.

Upgraded firmware on Saturday from a load at least a year old. Currently unable to access files, Dashboard displays:

User account and static IP address still configured after upgrade. Content scan initally looked like it was finding files but never completed.
Currently running a full system diagnostic test. Disk access sounds fine.
Advice welcome.

Try doing a 40 second reset if you haven’t already.

More info - Although the home page displays Shares(1) the shares page is empty. My share has gone from the list. I’m obviously hoping that it’s still there. Is it your view that a System Only Restore will force a rescan a hopefully a rediscovery of the share?

A 40 second reset will reset the My Cloud to default for most if not all settings but keep the user files intact. The My Cloud should then (hopefully) re-scan the user content. Its possible, especially if one makes any changes to the My Cloud using SSH, that something got corrupted during the firmware update. Sometimes a 40 second reset can fix those issues.

Morning Bennor.
The Diagnostic scan failed at 90% with two error codes 200005 and 200000 so have performed the 40s reset as you suggested. Thankfully the shares are back and I am in the process of reconfiguring User accounts. Thank you for your prompt suggestion.
For once I had left the drive in virgin FW form so was pretty supprised I experience issues. It’s good to see the System Only Restore process was designed with this sort of recovery in mind.
Kind regards!

Good to see it fixed your issue. Sometimes a 40 second reset is a good idea post firmware upgrade.