MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA and macOS Catalina

Thinking of buying a WD MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA after updating my iMac and MacBook to macOS Catalina 10.15.4.

Does the MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA work on the latest Update of macOS Catalina without any problems? Because I already had trouble with a new Timemachine Backup on my external disk …

Thanks for the help!


I have WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra, het wordk with MAC OS Catalina but the backup with Timemachine is very slow. and the WD My Cloud is not compatible with Catalina!!!
So you should care about this issue.
till now The WD service desk didn’t give any update for them app :pensive:

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I use Catalina as well and the latest Version of My Cloud EX2 Ultra. It is really slow. I have a Apple Time Machine from 2014 as well, it is at least 10 times when not more faster. It seems definitiv a Problem of MyCloud. WD has to do work on that.


The My Cloud EX2 Ultra and updated OS Catalina is working well here, so WD seems not to be the problem.

We use two Apple Time Machine backups over wifi = Apple Time Capsule & My Cloud EX2 Ultra, the WD is (at least here) considerably faster.

Question: Are your two devices connected to the same router or access point or how is your set-up?

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I have MBAir 2018 / Catalina 10.15.6 / backs up via Time Machine to WD Ex2 Ultra. First backup, over home wifi, took a bunch of hours (not as many as TM was showing). After that, incremental backups are faster. Make sure WD and your computers are on the same wifi. I did not change factory settings on the WD beyond the minimum to get it running.