EX2 Ultra very slow to upload

I recently purchased the My Cloud EX2 Ultra it was frustrating to connect and when it was finally connected to the Mac desk top it uploads files very slowly, I have almost 3TB of images on the Mac hard dive and liked the option of having a mirrored external hard drive. Aside from likely taking over a month to up load all the files the connection is much to slow for photoshop. I can back up the entire hard drive to an external Seagate drive using time machine in less than 12 hours…
It is also very frustrating trying to navigate in the dashboard. I have been on hold for now almost 20 minutes and plan on returning the product to B&H as soon as they open. This product would seem best suited for more advanced users that need a cloud option but for just storing files this does not seem to be the right product.

Hello johnax,

Please refer to the below article for slow speed issues on My cloud device.

Also, you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about your issue.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Thanks for the link. I am still unable to speed up the transfer rate. Through a USB cable 3TB can be backed up to a SeaGate external hard drive in less than 12 hours. If my math is correct it will take 207 days to back up 3TB from my computer to the EX2 Ultra. As soon as B&H opens I will return the EX2 Ultra and try a G Technology mirrored backup, they cost a little more but the EX2 Ultra is useless for my needs. It may be a good product for people that don’t have a lot of data, but then why would they buy a 8TB drive.

Take it back and get A Synology! There is no fix for the speed issue. I have an EX2 and a Synology. The synology feels like I’m running it with an SSD on my 3.9ghz desktop and the ex2 ■■■■■ hard. I have no idea why they are both set up to the same raid 1 and both have the same speed red hd disks with essentially the same processor chip. Synology has no latency when pulling up videos and pics the ex2 runs like im connecting via dial-up to my nas instead of a gb switch.