My cloud and apple el Capitan

upon upgrading form yosemite to el capitan, cycloid doesn’t work. Have tried everything I could find on all message boards to no avail. Using My Cloud as NAS storage. Worked well on windows and previous versions of Apple OS. Very disappointed in Apple and WD. Has anyone been successful?

See the huge El Capitan thread at the following link. Mixed results.

I have just had a disaster copying a Time machine .sparsebundle file from a previous system to WDMycloud. Most applications were missing. Ended up deleting it and starting again.

It took around 10-12 hours to make the first backup of 240 gb on a nearly new machine in Mycloud. Terrible performance.

Could do better 3/10

Yes, it is terrible, and the issue is with TimeMachine/OSx usually.
Do some searches on the internet and try some of those solutions to see if you see any improvements for future jobs.

I am curious as to why you are upset with WD? You said it yourself, everything worked fine prior to the upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan. Nothing changed on the MyCloud NAS.

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After a week the new install decided it did not like the files on MyCloud. Deleted them. Started a full backup again.

It took over 2 days. In this time I bought a direct USB drive and abandoned the MyCloud terrible effort. The USB drive backup up in 1 and a half hours!

I returned the MyCloud to the shop and had a refund yesterday.

Sorry WD MyClouds are not a good way to use TimeMachine on macs

Are you going to take the Mac back, too, since that appears to be the cause of your problem…?

Why should I take the Mac back, there is nothing wrong with it?
A chat with an Apple expert reveals Macs and TimeMachine are not happy/ideal/optimal over a network. I tried using ethernet instead of WiFI but not much difference.
Whereas a USB disc connected to the Mac Backedup in 1 and a half hours, not 2 plus DAYS.
I also backedup a 2010 Mac rebuilt with El Capitan to the same USB drive and that was slightly slower - 2 hours.
No MyCloud is not the fastest way to backup a Mac.
Best for PC users I guess.
Your emotive defence of the MyCloud will make WD proud.

You think I’m a WD fanboy?

Oh, how we laughed…

[quote=“Brian_Hayter, post:8, topic:158752, full:true”]
Why should I take the Mac back, there is nothing wrong with it?
A chat with an Apple expert reveals Macs and TimeMachine are not happy/ideal/optimal over a network.[/quote]
There is something wrong with the Mac since you stated the Apple expert indicated that TimeMachine backups are not happy/ideal/optimal over a network.

Look, there are plenty of problems with the My Cloud. But in THIS instance the problem does not appear to be with the My Cloud the problem appears to be with El Capitan. There is a HUGE thread on the El Capitan issue(s) with the My Cloud that was posted above. Have you read through it?

The problem is people automatically knee jerk and blame the My Cloud rather than the OS (Apple or Microsoft). The very fact that you appear to indicate the My Cloud was working with Yosemite, but is not after upgrading your Mac to El Capitan indicates the problem lies with the Apple OS NOT with the My Cloud.

Copying speed when performing a backup is dependent on MANY factors including the amount of data being backed up, the network connections (WiFi vs Ethernet), the network link speed, the hard drive (both on the Mac and on the My Cloud) speed, etc. One almost NEVER sees the advertised network speed. The intial backup of any hard drive will always take the longest as all the data versus only the changed/removed data is being backed up. Perform that initial backup over WiFi and its even slower.

If you have not already done so you may want to review the following thread that discusses copy speeds and things to look out for:

I seem to be posted to by people who have misunderstood my situation.
I have returned the MyCloud that took 1.25 days the first time then 2.5 days the second time. Farewell MyCloud.
It is a brand new MacBookPro machine I don’t know where some of you are getting your ideas from.
A USB Disk took 1.5 hours not DAYS.
There is nothing wrong wth the Mac.
Not much more to discuss so farewell WD users.

A little research would had show you there are a LOT, and by lot I mean a lot more Mac users complaining about Timemachine to a ANY NAS brand vs Timemachine to WD. It is a common and popular issue at Apple and their forums.
I am a Mac user and there is nothing wrong with my Mac or NAS, until I use timemachine to the NAS :grinning:

but bottom line: This is another one of those comparing oranges to apples, in tech terms USB drives vs NAS.

And if you returned it, fair enough, nothing wrong. Do what makes you happy. Just put the blame where it belongs.

We (users) are only trying to help troubleshoot your issues and help inform both you and others who may read this thread.

As a basic point of information. Backing up to USB drive directly connected to your computer will in most cases backup significantly faster than backing up a computer across the local area network (using either WiFi or Ethernet) to any type of network attached storage device. It has to do with how fast the data can be transferred through the USB port on your computer versus the Networking port on your computer. Trying to compare USB copy speed to Network copy speed is an apples to oranges comparison.

Hopefully what ever solution you have chosen or will chose to replace your My Cloud will work for you.

To those whose intention was to help thanks.

A previous MacBook backedup fine to a USB disc so I should not have been so naive as to think the MyCloud which says TimeMachine out of the box would perform in an acceptable way similar to a USB disc.

It was the massive difference and the ethernet connection to both MyCloud and my MacBook that made little difference to WiFi which made me give up bothering with the WD device.

My Cloud and Capitan.
Nothing works fine with this product, take hours to download a picture (when it does not give you an error message).
It erases files like LightRoom Catalog and you cannot have access to any catalogs.
These 2 HD WD My Cloud are heading straight to my garbage anytime soon.
I am a 20 years customer from WD but today, I have decide to change my HD provider.
It Takes 20 Years to Build a Reputation and 5 Minutes to Ruin it…
Bye Bye WD

I’ve spent quite a few hours (probably about 30 in total, actually) attempting to implement something “acceptable” for backing up my MacBook Air and using the WD MyCloud.

IMHO there are two use cases that are relevant for me, as a single user that uses my MacBook for personal and professional use.

  1. Constant backup of user files, such as pptx, docx, xlsx, etc.

  2. Total system backup in the event of loss or system failure.

For use case #1, the MyCloud sync capability works great. All of my user files are constantly synced to MyCloud and I’m not worried about that. Its fast, effortless, and no need to worry.

For use case #2, unfortunately the only acceptable solution that works for me is to use Time Machine with a USB hard drive attached to my Mac. On the weekends, when I’m home, I put the MacBook air on my desk and attach the USB drive. It updates the USB drive in a relatively short period of time (usually less than one hour), so by the time I plug it in, attach the USB drive on Friday night, by Saturday morning its all done. I’ve tried and struggled to make Time Machine work with MyCloud, but the backups take a long time (usually a “looking for backup disk” message appears) and I’m never really sure if works correctly. The final item that convinced me not to use TimeMachine with MyCloud was when I attempted to restore files using the TimeMachine over the network with the MyCloud backup – the basically functionality of TimeMachine, that is, sequencing through time historically to find a file, was so slow that TimeMachine itself was unusable. So there’s no point in backup up to the MyCloud if restoring a file is that difficult, or nearly impossible, to do. I can live with weekly system backups to the USB drive as long as I have constant user file backups, which the MyCloud handles very well.

If anyone has a better implementation approach, I’m wide open for suggestions; this is what seems to work best for me right now.

Comments? Suggestions?