My Cloud Dashboard not available - setup screen keeps appearing

I have just bought a My Cloud 3tb. I went throught the set-up pages and got to the end and i can transfer file across to the drive. I can see it in Explorer, when i click on the device and select view device web page it beings up the set-up page again, it ocasionally gives me the option to login but when i select the user name admin it says in the password box “password not set”. If i use one of the usernames i created it says only admins can log in. I have only had the login page twice and 99% of the time i get the set-up page. I have been through this a number of times and always set and admin password and it goes through all the same pages with all the info filled in but i still can’t access teh dashboard


  1. Whats the name of the share that you see in Windows Explorer?
    If you only see the Public shares, then you haven’t created a device user

  2. The Dashboard default username is admin with a blank password.
    Don’t forget to create a device user and set the admin user password

If you’re having trouble with the admin password, you can clear it back to the default (no password required) by a 4-second reset. You can clear the admin account name back to ‘admin’ and password to default (none) by a 40-second reset.

Refer to the User Manual for details.