My Cloud connecting to network, Mac

MyCloud 3TB is not connecting? LEDS appear normal in back, solid white in front. Tried 4 sec and 40 sec reboot. Dash board doesn’t show up. None of the WDS software shows device. Last night I streamed a movie to TV, next day…nothin’! Perplexed, Pissed!


Try a power cycle then try to map the drive again.

I am on a Mac. No blue light, over 24 hours… I’ve cycled til i’m silly!

Have you tried rebooting your router?

Then access your router’s UI and find out what IP address it has allocated to the MyCloud.

ping that IP address from your Mac to make sure you can see the MyCloud.

Solid white LED suggests (according to manual) OS loading, firmware upgrade or, I think, file system check (not documented).

What OS are you running on the Mac?

The Captain.