My Book Live , can not access it anymore from WEB or Android app

Hi Gents, is this because there was some security messures, and now i can only access device and files on it from local network. all was working fine up to 2 months ago and i am trying today but no luck… also saw that my device is not supported to be ugraded to OS5 right? any clues what can i do? cause i often download cartoons for the kids from office( have 500mn internet here ) and then upload it to device, it was working great until they cut this access…

Do you have a My Cloud device? If not then see the dedicated subforum for the My Book Live devices. The My Book Live is a completely different device, with a different firmware, than the My Cloud line of devices.

WD Legacy Products - My Book Live

More importantly you should read through the following WD warning about the My Book Live and it’s security vulnerability(s).

Recommended Security Measures for WD My Book Live and WD My Book Live Duo

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Hi Bennor, yes i have my Book Live and it was working and still working excellent in home network , but i can not access it over internet any more…i have read this WD warning, but can you please tell me is there any way i can upgrade it and make it available over internet or not?

Did you visit the correct subforum for your device that was linked above? This subforum (My Cloud) is for an entirely different device.

NOTE: As the WD Security notice states, making the My Book Live available to the Internet will potentially allow the device and any data on it to be hacked/compromised.

Advisory Summary
Immediately disconnect your My Book Live and My Book Live Duo from the Internet to protect your data from ongoing attacks.

Have you visited the WD Support site for your device to see if there is newer firmware available? The last firmware version for the My Book Live is: Firmware Version 02.43.10 - 048 (6/22/2015). The My Book Live is End of Support and won’t be receiving any further firmware updates according to WD. You can check which version your firmware is running from the My Book Live Dashboard. The Dashboard is also where one typically enables or disables remote access to the device.

WD Support - My Book Live

How to Access the Dashboard on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo

How to Update the Firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo

How To Disable Remote Access to a My Book Live or Duo

Have you tried resetting the device? Press and hold the reset button on the back of the My Book Live for 4 seconds.

How to Reset a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo

Have you searched the WD Knowledge Base for articles similar to your issue?

Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Book Live

My Book Live or My Book Live Duo device is not seen when using the MyCloud mobile app for iOS

My Book Live and Duo Online User Guide and Solutions

Again this is the wrong subforum to be asking for help with your device. See the correct subforum were users with your device may be able to assist with your issue(s) and problem(s). Also note that this is mostly a user to user forum. Because you are posting to the wrong subforum users here may not have used, or be familiar with using, the My Book Live device.

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I have a My Book Live from maybe 2015. Its working fine. I recently bought a new mac book and the can no longer access my My Book. The main problem seems to be that the software to install it is no longer compatable with mac OS. Am i now screwed?

See the previously provided links above to the correct subforum for your device along with other links relevant to that device. There is a specific link for the MacOS provided above.

My Book Live & My Book Live Duo: Not Detected on Windows or macOS

thank you brennor. I am quite lost at this point though. I can’t find any software that works with my OS (14.1.2), and i can’t find the drive using https://mybooklive.local/ either. All’s i know is that the green light is on on the My Book Live device. Can you talk me through the steps to access it?

I do not have, nor have I ever used, a My Book Live. I also do not have access to a Mac at this this time. All I can do is point you to WD Knowledge Base articles and the information contained within them.

From those support articles. Make sure the My Book Live is connected via Ethernet wire to the local network router. Make sure the Mac is also connected to that same local router using either WiFi or Ethernet wire.

You do not need “WD software” to access the My Book Live apparently. For the Mac, as the previously provided link indicates, you enable File Sharing on the System Preferences > Sharing then enable File Sharing (put a check in the box) then click the Options button and put a check in both Share files and folders using SMB and Share files and folders using AFP. Then click the Done button. Then see if the unit shows up for the Mac, or is accessible by the Mac by using either name or by it’s IP address.

One may have to perform a reset on the My Book Live. See the following link that explains how to do a reset on that device.

Steps to Pin Reset and System Only Restore My Book Live and My Book Live Duo

More support links:
WD Support - My Book Live
My Book Live & My Book Live Duo: Setup Using the Dashboard
My Book Live Setup for Mac
Supported Operating Systems for My Book Live Setup for Mac
Mac OS X 10.5
Mac OS X 10.6
Mac OS X 10.7
Mac OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.9
Mac OS X 10.10
Quick Installation Guide (PDF)
User Manual (PDF)

thank you brennor