Remote access to MyCloud app outside my home network stopped working

I have an Android phone running OS 5.0 and a Microsoft Surface running Win 10. As long as I’m connected to my home network the app works fine, but if I try to connect from another network or use a 4G connection on my phone I get a message saying “Device Offline”. I have the latest firmware upgrade and have tried deleting / re-adding access from the MBLD dashboard and re-installing the app on both devices. I’m at a serious loss here, as there are files I need to access remotely for work. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. TIA


I recommend you email WD support for assistance with this.

me too with iOS and OS X latest versions…

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No offense, but I’m looking for solutions and “me too” posts are not helpful. If you have the same problem as I do, please monitor the post in silence for potentially helpful comments (unless, of course, you come up with a fix of your own, in which case please DO share). :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot!
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I have the same problem and I think is better to up this post.
Next time I will open a brand new one.
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I upgrade to the new firmware and i have the same problem, so i downgrade firmware to 2.21.119 and it is fine now.

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Same problem here. Where can I find older firmware versions for My Book Live Duo?