Remote Access Not working

MyBook Live has stopped working remotley. I used to be able to access MyCloud outside my home network, and now I just get an error message. I can access all files happily and on all devices I use within my own home wifi network. The only thing that changed was that I unplugged the wifi and my book live box - to rearrange- and connected it up again. Please help, I have scoured the forums and have tried some options but my technical knowledge is very limited.

The MBL is not being given a DNS address from your router

power down your MBL.  reboot your router.  power your MBL back up. 

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried this now and it hasn’t worked. It now wont connect to WD My Cloud within the home network giving the same error message:

Device Offline

MBL is not accessable. Local documents are available

Any further help grately appreciated.

Thank you

My guess is you didn’t get it hooked up right…  

But perhaps you need to reset it.