Latest My Cloud Mirror Firmware Pre Installed on Brand New My Cloud?


I have just purchased a brand new WD My Cloud 3TB from a UK branch of Currys. The product was supplied in the new slimmer outer packaging which I’d not seen before.

The firmware on this device is version 2.10.310 and when I checked out the firmware version on the WD site it specifies that this is the latest firmware for My Cloud Mirror devices.

I prefer the interface of this version (visually and functionally) to that which resides as the latest update on my other two My Cloud 3TB devices.

Question - Is it possible to manually upload version 2.10.310 on to my other two older My Cloud 3TB devices without causing problems to the devices ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

could you post some screenshots and photos of the slimmer MyCloud? also if its different version which probably it is you can brick your other devices asi they might have different hardware inside… are you sure you bought MyCloud?

Firmware version 2.10.310 appears to be for the My Cloud Mirror. Is this what the drive looks like? Note the single drive My Cloud units have only ONE LED indicator on the front panel.

One generally cannot install the firmware from one My Cloud model to a different one (like My Cloud Mirror and single drive My Cloud).

Firmware for each My Cloud model can be downloaded from the WD Support site:

Since this subforum is primarily for the single drive My Cloud units specific My Cloud Mirror questions can be directed to the dedicated My Cloud Mirror forum:


OK, so the actual My Cloud single drive 3TB device looks identical to my other My Cloud single drive units. It is only the outer packaging (retail box) that is slimmer. I packed the box away in my loft but will dig it out and post some photos. Since a single drive sold in this new packaging appears to support the latest My Cloud Mirror firmware release this might be of interest ?

Hi Bennor

I own multiple My Cloud Mirror and My Cloud single drives and this is definitely a single drive with the latest My Cloud Mirror Firmware release installed. I presumed this was the correct sub forum to post in but am new to the community. Here is a screen shot that confirms the firmware on the single drive.

I checked my activity log and it seems that the firmware updated shortly after installation. You can see the addition of the horizontal scroll bar at the top of the image, I think the additional heading contained is ‘Apps’. As previously mentioned the interface under some of the tabs i.e settings is designed slightly differently.

this is weird… its either new OS sent out to few people to test out or its different hardware… you said it was update shortly after installation… you dont know which firmware was on it before right?

My suspicion is that you’ve logged in to the Dashboard of one of your Mirrors, not your new 3TB MyCloud…

[quote=“Ricard_0, post:5, topic:145284, full:true”]
I own multiple My Cloud Mirror and My Cloud single drives and this is definitely a single drive with the latest My Cloud Mirror Firmware release installed.[/quote]
Ricard_0 that appears to be the Mirror interface. The single bay My Cloud units do not have a firmware version below 03.00.03-413 which was the initial firmware release for the single bay My Cloud units. The latest firmware for the single bay My Cloud units is v04.04.01-112. The latest firmware for the My Cloud Mirror is 2.10.310. The “Apps” tab/field is a dead giveaway as the single drive My Cloud units do not have a tab for Apps nor do they have a Network Activity graphic on the Dashboard Home.

You may want to check (on your router’s administration page) the IP addresses used by the devices on your network and ensure you log into the correct My Cloud device. When using multiple My Cloud devices on the same local network one will need to use a unique “Device Name” (Settings tab on Dashboard) for each My Cloud unit.

OK interesting.

My ‘Mirror’ is a 2x2TB drive and this interface clearly shows a 3TB drive ? However and (I don’t think this matters) the reason I disconnected my Mirror was to use the Ethernet cable in the new Single Drive could this have caused an IP conflict ??

Its possible the reason why that unit is showing 3T is if one has a USB drive attached to that unit’s USB port. Some have reported the My Cloud including the external USB drive into the total displayed on the Dashboard Home screen’s capacity section.

Unknown if using the Mirror’s Ethernet cable in a single bay My Cloud would cause an IP conflict. It shouldn’t but strange things can happen depending on how one’s network is configured and if devices are non static IP addresses for their network devices. ON the bottom of the My Cloud should be a MAC address, if one compares that address to the router/gateway DHCP Server’s IP Address allocation list one can usually find the device’s IP address. Use that IP address in the web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

Its entirely possible if both devices use the same Device Name of “WDMyCloud” that the web browser may be getting confused.

I’ll follow your direction re the MAC address. Won’t get a chance before Friday when I can have all 4 of my drives (3 x Single Drive My Cloud) and (1 x My Cloud Mirror) connected. I generally use the Quick view interface and in the properties
tab, the new 3TB single drive d shows as :

‘1-Bay Personal Cloud Storage (Gen 2)’
Model Number : GLCR

The two older single drives both show as

‘WD My Cloud’
Model Number : sq

All show with a device capacity of 3.01 TB

None of these drives have a USB drive connected.

So, got home tonight and Ethernet Cable had arrived so connected the existing My Cloud Mirror.

This is what I now see on my MyCloud Single Bay 3TB Drive

…and this is what i see on my MyCloud Mirror 2x2TB Drive

I am now convinced that this new MyCloud Single Bay 3TB Drive has firmware 2.10.310 installed.

Please let me know if I am missing something obvious here ???


Following firmware update on MyCloud Mirror drive

Note, this image shows the “Storage” field/tab whereas the image on the MyCloud Single Bay Drive does not contain this.

Conclusion = I have a single bay drive running Firmware 2.10.310 :)smile:

Look on the bottom of the 3TB My Cloud drive, what is the part number (P/N)?

Edit to add. It is confusing as to how many My Cloud Mirrors and how many single bay My Cloud drives you have in addition to the one My Cloud you are indicating has the wrong firmware on it.

Perhaps if you disconnected ALL other My Cloud and My Cloud Mirror drives but the one with the suspect firmware one can be assured they are accessing that particular My Cloud drive and not inadvertently accessing one of the other drives.

I’ve just remembered the Japanese model, the ‘WD Cloud’ (MyCloud name is owned by someone else in Japan, I think).

This has a dashboard that looks like that (except it says ‘WD Cloud’, rather than ‘WD My Cloud’); in fact, when OS3 was announced, someone found the manual, and we all thought it was for OS3. See p18:

Wonder how it’s found its way to the UK… Or have WD quietly swapped to the WD Cloud’s firmware…?

Mods, @Bill_S : could we get some clarification, please?

Gen2. Not a penguin, but maybe it is a new generation, with a faster processor, hence the ability to host apps, etc…?

Looks exactly like the dashboard shown on page 18 in the manual.

As others have suggested, I’ll pull the model number off later and compare with my other single bay MyCloud drives.

Wonder if Currys UK have been buying product across ?? Packaging was all in English but in a narrower format to that usually sold in UK.

The other interesting thing I discovered last night was that when searching for my drives on the MyCloud iOS app the image for this new Single Drive was very slightly different to the image for my other two single drives suggesting the app recognised a difference ?

& no Chinstrap :wink:

Easier to clarify the number of drives I have with a photo.

The single drive on the far right is the unit running the Firmware version 2.10.310

Product number is different -

2 Older single bay drives = WD BCTL 0030HWT - 00

New single bay drive = WD BCTL 0030HWT - 01

Here is the new ‘slimmer’ product packaging which makes printed reference to supporting Windows 10 & Mac OSX Yosemite which didn’t appear on previous ‘cube shaped’ packaging.

Intersting. The product numbers being different. Wonder if some units that weren’t supposed to be released yet slipped out. Which manual were you looking at where the Dashboard looked like the one on “page 18”? There is no image of the Dashboard on page 18 in the English version of the My Cloud User Manual:

The first image that I can see of the Dashboard in the English User Manual is under Chapter 5, The Dashboard Home Page (page 31). And it is the current My Cloud Dashboard.

It would be interesting to see what Processor, RAM (type/capacity), Networking port information that unit has and compare that to the current iteration of the My Cloud hardware. Hopefully someone will open the enclosure and report (or take pics) on the hardware. If one uses SSH they can issue the following commands to find out certain general hardware information about the My Cloud’s.
Processor information: cat /proc/cpuinfo
RAM usage: cat /proc/meminfo
Hard drive information: hdparm -i /dev/sda1
Network port information: sudo ethtool eth0

Post updated and edited.

So, the acid test: can you install apps?

Like Plex, for instance…?

It’s odd that next generation product seems to be appearing in shops, but there’s been no press announcement from WD that Google can find. I wonder if they’re hoping to clear old stock first…?

[may consider a trip to my local PCWorld to see what they have in stock…]

One other possibility of ‘diagnosis’; can anyone remember if the system diagnostic report includes details of the processor…? d’oh! I can use the MyCloud remote access app to look at a report I’ve saved on my device… I’ve never looked in detail before; it’s quite interesting all the stuff that’s in there, and gives a good idea of how the device works… /etc/samba/overall_share looks interesting, for instance…

update.log mentions ‘mindspeed’ (kernel-mindspeed-sequoia), which is the processor; so, if the gen2 device is using a different processor, you might expect to see a different processor mentioned…