My Cloud Devices Firmware 02.xx.xx User Manual

An FYI to those who have the firmware 02.xx.xx single bay My Cloud devices.

WD has apparently posted the User Manual for 02.xx.xx models on the WD Documentation page:

Of course in predictable fashion its listed under: User Manual (PDF) (Firmware 04.xx.xx). And it is not otherwise obviously indicated which manual is for 02.xx.xx and which is for 04.xx.xx My Cloud units.

If your web browser is capable of showing the URL look for the PDF’s ending with: 4779-705147.pdf

I’d like to know why the new MC is on 02.xx.xx vs the 04.xx.xx firmware. Hmm?

I noticed this anomaly last weekend while browsing. I also wondered by we have 2 separate firmware versions for the My Cloud. Can people with older My Clouds use version 02? One would think an explanation on their webpage would be proper protocol. :confused:

Because the new MC is supposedly new version, think generation 2. There are several recent threads where people have obtained these new units.

No one cannot flash the older My Cloud units to the new firmware version that these “second generation” My Cloud units use. The file extension used by the v2.xx.xx firmware is different than that used by the v4.xx.xx firmware as such the earlier My Cloud units using v4.xx.xx won’t accept the v2.xx.xx firmware. Perhaps someone will find a way to modify the v2.xx.xx firmware to run on the older My Cloud units.

As to why WD wouldn’t put some sort of explanation on their webpage. Who knows. Without some sort of explanation or differentiating of the two units, it will lead to considerable confusion both on their support site, in the stores where the units are sold, and here in this forum as the end users are using; two different sets of firmware, two different sets of User Manuals on units with two slightly different sets of capabilities yet carry the same name. It remains to be seen if WD will port the v2.x firmware to run on the older v4.x models.

I would agree totally … and Thank You for the explanation.

Yes, the approach was a bit weird. I RMA’d a MC 4TB due to the sync issues and they sent me a MCM 8TB Gen 2. I did noticed the MC had a different firmware version than MC.

There are differences. I have not done the backup, but wonder about scheduling like the safepoints were done.

It would be helpful if you could run the commands Bennor suggested here:

It will help us to see if the hardware is different…