LAN access, password protected, does not accept username/password anymore

Hello all,

I have had my NAS in my network for a long time now.

I have some public shares and some private shares.

All work fine.

About a year ago I got a Windows 8.1 laptop in the network.

Priviate and public shares worked fine.

Start of this month, I decided to reinstall the laptop.

No problem you might think. And so I thought.

However: Public shares are okay. My private share however, I can not access anymore.

It keeps asking for my username and password, and won’t let me in anymore.

What could be wrong please?

Friendly greetings,


Windows does not allow connecting to multiple shares on the same device with different credentials.

try disconnecting from all the mycloud shares then connecting to a non-public share 1st. if this does not work you will need to use credential manager to clear the credentials.

after you connect to the non-public share you can then connect to the public shares.