Public/Private Shares Access

Hello Everyone! I have a PR2100 and a MyCloud single bay unit. I’ve asked this before, but haven’t received a concrete answer - that I could understand anyways.

I am asking for help, and/or step by step instructions on how to access a secured share. I mainly use/connect to my NAS through Windows 10 for file transfers. I am the only user set up (admin) and currently have 2 USB drives connected via a hub. I can confidently access both drives, can read/write large (50gb+) files across both with ZERO issues (had issues when connected to the single bay unit, no issues connected to the PR2100). Also note that I do not have any passwords set on my Windows 10 machine, it boots past the sign-in screen and goes directly to my desktop, no users are set up (except me as ADMIN) in Win10.

Those USB drives are set up as shares on my PR2100, and can only access them by leaving them public. If I set to private (turn OFF public) the folder becomes locked down and asks me for credentials and no matter what I type, it doesn’t allow access. I don’t know if this is a windows thing, or a my cloud thing, but it WAS working previously and now it changed.

The error message I’m getting is:

I don’t understand the second paragraph about more than one user name. I do have/use 2-3 Win10 computers - all set up with only an Admin account (just fyi). However while trying to get this to work those other PC’s were shut down, and not in use, I am trying to access on 1 laptop only, no other “users” that I know of are online or trying to connect?!

I’ve set my credentials in Windows Credential Manager, it makes ZERO difference (am willing to do again if I did something wrong, or need to do more). This is the exact same message/scenario I get when doing this on the single bay unit. I’m somewhat new to this stuff, but not incompetent, but this is waaaaay harder than it should be. If someone would please take a moment and give me some direction from the start as to what I have to do and leave out the “Refer to the Instructions” portion, and that would be most appreciative.