My Cloud access with Win 10

Ok guys, trying to get some info on how to properly setup and access My Clouds. I have 2 WD My Clouds - a single bay unit (ver 2) and a newly acquired PR2100. These are both set up and working fine on my network, but I noticed they both connect differently through Windows 10 - let me explain.

In My PC, under “Network” I have both my My Clouds showing up under Storage. If I right click on my single bay unit, it gives me the OPEN option (among other options - 5 in total) whereas if I right click on the 2100, I only get 3 options, none of which are OPEN (the first option is view device web page).

When I choose the open option for my single bay unit, it opens the main folder where I can see/access all my folder shares. If I double click - it takes me to the admin login web page (I like having the double click AND right click options). I don’t have that with the PR2100 - how can I set that up? I have a USB drive connected to both My Clouds, and the open option allows direct access instead of having to navigate through the IP address.


P.S - If someone could help fix the PR2100 icon, that would be great too!.

Secondly, in “This PC” folder, under “UNSPECIFIED” section I have 2 WD icons - both of which open (IMO) non-sense folders, which opens ALL my (ex:) movie files all scattered randomly in 1 big folder. I don’t think I need those - is there a way to delete them? I right clicked, and chose remove device, and it immediately came back.


In case it matters, I’m using a Linksys Velop as my router.