Keeps Disappearing

My EX2 keeps disappearing off my network, there doesnt seem to be any common trend to when or why but ill try to describe what happens;

The problem is sometimes it just stops communicating during a file transfer, I try to find it in Network and if its not there, I try the mapped drives and if they dont work I try Run > \MyEX2 and if that doesnt work my final attempt is Run > \192.168.x.x. after a few minutes it comes back and i can re attach using one of the methods but I have lost all confidence in it as I start a large transfer off and 90% of the time I return to a message saying its no longer on the network and I have to do the transfer again.

Hope someone can help before I throw the thing out of the window and just get myself a stand alone little server.

Hello, have you tried a different network cable? Have you tried on a different port? Have you set up a static IP address?

Could it be a Master Browser issue? On my Windows LAN, I had to finally set my router as the Master Browser and , since it is on all the time, i never lose my Windows computers from my Network folder in File Explorer or my mapped drives.

Shocking - I have just got mine and I have spent hours and hours trying to get it to work. This is the second one, Support suggested that I send the first one back, which I did.

I have worked in IT for 38 years and this is the most variable product in terms of its availability and predictability.

Maybe incantations and sacrifices will get it to work well. These are the only things I have not tried.

Someone should be shot for this.