EX2 has disappeared from the network

Never had a problem until today when poof my EX2 has become completely inaccesible. I’ve tried multiple resets and chaged cables to no avail. It will be briefly visable (less than a minute) imediately after booting but then it disappears without a trace.

have you tried this kind of reset ?

  • unplug power cable and network cable, hold the reset button and then plug in the power cable and still hold the reset button for abour 40 seconds

No joy.

-can you mobile app access the nas ?

-if you plug the nas directly into the PC, still the same ?

-did it dissapear from other computers from your network aswell ?

-is the dashboard accessible ?

Completely inaccessible. Mobile doesnt work, no other computer can see it and It isn’t even listed on my router’s DHCP client list.

i would also try to take out the drives and power it on like that, then put them back in the nas. But i think you should call support