My Cloud Ex2 ultra

first topic on this forum.
i recently purchased the cloud ex2 ultra, i set it up corrextly but i have a couple of big problems.
1st. when i try to copy file many times i get network error, although i have deactivated the firewall and the antivirus and i don’t know what to do (it seems to get throught it many times when i mark the file “read only”)
2nd the other problem is that i got one word file i was writing at it and saved it a few hours later when i tried to open the file nothing was happening and the widnows explorer was crashing and stoped responding.
Note that i’m working on win 10 and win7 and the problem is the same and both computers are connected to the router wireless.
does any one know what can be the problem?
any help is appriciated and any suggestion will get me out of the situation.
thanks in advance.

If you are getting ANYTHING to transfer. . .then I don’t think it is a firewall problem.

  1. Try a different router, if you have one.

  2. Verify that you don’t have any IP address conflicts with your router. I tend to assign fixed IP addresses to NAS like devices.If you normally have DHCP assigning addresses, then I would assign the NAS

  3. Try wired connection from computer to router.

  4. Try 2.4ghz band vs 5.0ghz band on the wireless. They say 5.0 is “better” (Faster); but I find 2.4ghz tends to be reach further and connect more reliably.