Is Nas possible use via Wifi?

hello i would like to buy the NAS but having the router away from the computer i would like to use the NAS only via wireless connection, but reading the user manual it would seem that it only works via ethernet cable.
I would like to install if it was the NAS via ethernet cable and then move it next to my desk.
If it is possible, seeing a streaming movie through a wireless connection is a feasible solution or there may be vision shortages.

None of the WD NAS products have wifi. All will use a wired Ethernet connection.

WD does have a wireless passport and wireless passport pro that work via wifi but they do not have full NAS capabilities.

I got it
but is there a nas that can have these functions?
Type synology?

in the WDPASSPORT that is missing the NAS?

@BananaJoe Have you done a Google search or used your favorite search engine and looked at other companies products?

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a NAS is designed to be connected to a router or a network switch for best signal and reliability. You can access it via your network wirelessly. I stream from my NAS all the time wirelessly, but it is connected to router through a network switch.

WHY do you require it the way you describe?

thanks for the support
I made this request because I have the phone line with the router connected to the ground floor and my studio is on the first floor and I wanted to position the NAS for a matter of convenience.

can you give me some advice?

@BananaJoe Why not look at all the products WD has and determine for yourself what product will meet your needs? Here is a link to the learning center.

By the way I am retired and enjoy my days, but I am not going to do your homework for you.

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I have a wired hub connected to my router. My router is also wireless, so connecting the cloud drive to the hub runs through my wireless router and on my home network. I can access it through the internet from anywhere.

@lbjailer Are you asking a question or telling us what you are able to do?

Have you set everything up in the Dashboard for remote access? You should be able to reach it by using
On your phone have you added the My Cloud app?

It’s how mine is set up.

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Hi @BananaJoe
Just come across your dilemma. I have a WiFi extender unit with an Ethernet port, positioned part way (or even next to your first floor workstation if signal will connect from main router). Have you thought about this option?

My extender is a Netgear unit - easily found via Google search. Hope this helps?

thanks to your advice I will consider it

So many know it alls, figure there is no other reason to do something than what they have done. I live in an apartment where internet is provided by fibre optic, from a box in the wall that has no way to connect anything by wire. It only provides wifi output, no connection input whatsoever!!!

Providing more information about how your apartment complex provides the internet to the occupants would help. Is a modem/router set up in the office? What type of box is in the wall? If it’s in the wall, how do you know it’s there?

Fiber Optic Cable Definition (

Actually I have 2 internet sources in my apartment, a router which is my original source, and a wifi only (they said it was fibre optic?), from a box not in the wall but actually fastened to an inside wall. This latter resource was recently installed by Spectrum, but again which does not have any input ethernet ports, just wifi output.

For security reasons, I have set up my computers and NAS to the router, separately from my Roku and Alexa devices wifi’d to the new fibre optic network. I am using the router for my private computer wifi, having access to the router settings via it’s IP address.

What I am trying to do is to be able to play my media, stored on the NAS, to my Alexa devices, however they both need to be on the same network, which currently they are not. With the Alexa on the fibre optic network (with no wired input ports), I was thinking about purchasing a wifi-extender with an ethernet port, allowing me to connect a NAS drive to the extender, putting it on the same network as my Alexa.

My concern is getting the wifi extender connected to the fibre optic network, when there apparently is no interface to select the appropriate network.


I have an Alexa echodot. The micro-USB cable is plugged into the 9W adapter that is plugged into my power strip. I do have a wi-fi extender near it.

Below is an image of my Network and shows my Alexa echodot and the wi-fi extender, RE9000 that is next to it. My Router is shown in the middle. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.