Connecting My Cloud to the Internet... What are my options?

So. I’m not very tech savvy, so bare with me. I want to setup a My Cloud so I can upload videos to it to stream on my TV. I read a NAS is an option for this and My Cloud came up when I did a Google search of what it was. My issue is that I cannot connect it directly to the router because the router is in a niche in the wall and there is no room for a My Cloud in that compartment. What are my options? Is there a workaround? Or can I connect my My Cloud to the Ethernet port in the wall in my room?

Also. Is this NAS a good way to watch my movies? I read somewhere about there being issues with transcoding (not really sure what that is). Am better off just using an external SSD or even flash drive?



Are you able to connect a cable to the router? How close is your desk or a place to put your WD device? Both my WD My Clouds are on my desk and connected to my router by cable. The router is about six feet away from them.

What do you think you want to buy? Look under Products>Network Attached Storage.
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Thanks for the reply. I was planning on buying the My Cloud Home 4TB.

I guess I could get a short Ethernet cord and connect it to the router. It wouldn’t be the best looking but it might work.

Do I have other options? I read somewhere someone about connecting it to a bridge? Does that sound familiar? Is there a NAS that I don’t need to plug into a router but I can plug into the Ethernet jack in the wall?


Bump Still need help with this! Thanks guys!

Have you looked at the User Manual and the requirements to set up the My Cloud Home?