Wd My cloud/ my cloud home using an access point

Hi Guys,

I’m considering getting a WD my cloud home but have a few issues.
I am looking to back up files from my phone to a hard drive wirelessly the WD my cloud would he perfect but don’t know if it will work for me

I reside in a little cottage. The main wifi router is in a separate building to mine and I have run a lan cable to my place and plugged it into a wireless access point.

How could I get the WD my cloud working in my place?

My current setup:

  • Main router
    Port 1 : Lan to Switch (in my place)

Port 1 : Lan from main router
Port 2 : Lan to access point (my only available WIFI)
Port 3 : Hopefully if at all possible Lan to WD mycloud or other NAS that I’m able to access wirelessly.

Thanks in advance

After trying this for the last three days I gave up.

If you actually get it working (I did) it is abysmally slow and I have also found that I cannot disconnect the ethernet cable from the My Cloud Home or the internet. Everything just comes to a standstill.

My advice, run away from My Cloud Home as fast as you can if you haven’t bought it yet then don’t find another solution.

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