Is MyCloud Drive corrupted? (400044 error)

I’ve ran the check with this as the results. It looks like it’s not done yet though.


It can take awhile. There are several passes.

Alright, sorry for the delay. Here is the finished check.

It asked if I wanted to fix a few things. I said yes as you can see.

As an aside, I looked on the drive and NOW the light is red. It’s been blue up until now. It’s almost like it didn’t even realize it was broken.

Time to reboot. Lets see if it works.

Thanks! It is working now… for the most part. Now I have the common problem of WDSync taking up a ton of space…

But when I try to go in and check the folder, it tells me that the folder doesn’t exist even though it shows up in the list.


I can add things to the drive again though so that’s good.

You are currently in the DataVolume/shares folder. You just need to cd WDSync
You could also do a du -hd 1 This will show how much disk space each folder is using.

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Ah okay thanks. It listed a few of the folders, but I assume it is still looking as it put the curser to the beginning of the next line, but without the WDMyCloud:/#.

I did a du -h on a folder above and there’s something in one of the folders (either DataVolume or CacheVolume that is taking up 3.2TB and I have a strong feeling it’s in my WDSync History/Changed and /Deleted folders within one of the share folders, but trying to get to it on Windows causes the explorer to freeze. Possibly due to so much space being taken up.


I know that this is an old thread, but I’m having the same issues.

I found errors on sda4 partition, and I’ve tried to ran fsck /dev/sda4 and stucked with this message:


I apreciate a lot all your help.

Apologize, my english is not very well, I talk spanish but I didn’t find anything in spanish threads