IP adresses getting changed

I plugged the Sentinel into my network and got originally an IP address in my domain ( The drive started initializing (slowly). During the 5 day initialization process, we has a power fail. After the power fail the initialization started again. The IP address than came up off of my domain ( I went through the dashboard and assigned a static IP to my domain so that was solved.

Now my boxes are being assigned IP addresses in the 169.254.xxx.xxx ranges even though they are plugged into my network and set to DCHP. I unplugged the DX4000 and rebooted and got the same results.

I brought the server home to work on it and the same thing is happening there.
Please advise as to what I am doing wrong

If you type ipconfig at a command prompt on one of your workstations, does that 169.xxx ady say autoconfigiration?  Sounds to me like your dhcp server has quit/ is not reachable

I removed the WD4000 from the neteork. I had to reboot everything. I put a static IP on the 4000 and it seems to be working.