Moved offices (and therefore subnets) and now DX4000 won't work at all

One of our IT guys set up the server to work on our subnet at the old office. The subnet that the DX4000 found there worked fine. Since then, I have moved into a home office (and no longer have the IT guy), and when I connect the DX4000 to my DHCP-enabled wireless router, the DX4000 still boots up showing the OLD IP subnet address. I can see the device through Windows’ “Network Map” and it also shows the old IP subnet address. I cannot connect at all to the device using the “http:// IP address here /connect” method. Nor is there any way to remote desktop into the actual device to look under the hood. The reset button doesn’t do anything at all. So am I stuck with a totally useless device? Is the DX4000 really only able to set up once on a single subnet forever and that’s it?

Please help? Many critical files ended up on the device that are now inaccessible.

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You just need tos set a pc on your home network to match the network for the WD box.  Then you can get to the WD box, change it to whatever (use DHCP might be a good choice) you want and restart the box.  Then change you home pc back to what it was

Yeah, as gramps said.


Change your IP to or any numbers from 1-254

Then do RDP on the WD and change the network settings to put it on DHCP, maybe your IT guy put a static IP on it.

Then should be ok by now.

I forgot, after you put it on DHCP you connect the WD to your Network and put your PC back to DHCP mode and connect it also to your home network.