Changing IP address WD4


currently my system gets IP via DHCP. Now I’d like to change to a static one. Currently my system got via DHCP. I’d like to switch to 192.168.74/150/25 static. If I try to switch within network configuration menue I get an error: Adress is the transmittig adress and can’t be changed. What can I do to change the network address?



Hello and welcome to the WD Community. 

Are you getting this error on the latest firmaware?

Does resetting the unit makes any changes?

the IP address you have chosen is incorrect.  I assume you want a 24-bit class “C” mask ( not the 25 but one you specified?

Sorry this wa a typo. I meint /24 of course…

And yes I do have the problem also with the current firmware…(but also with the one before)

dhcp reservation is better.