iOS Apps Streaming to WDTV


I have a few iOS devices, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to stream video from them to my WDTV player, as you currently can with the YouTube app.

The apps I’m referring to are Alien Blue (reddit client), and BBC iplayer. Currently. they both show the Airplay icon when playing video, but obviously my WDTV player doens’t show up as an option.

I’ve read a few posts that mention the WD TV Media Player App, but upon reading the description, I’m not sure if this is exadtly what I’m looking for.

Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.


Reading up on this a bit further, it looks like perhaps the solution I’m looking for is a DLNA HDMI Dongle.

Has anyone had any success using an iOS app that can Airplay to the WDTV Live SMP via a DLNA Dongle?

i’m not an Apple user, but i know that,    The WDTV Live does not support “Airplay”

but, the WDTV Live does support DLNA

You’ll probably need a DLNA app to do what you want. eg. ZappoTV or Twonky Beam

mike27oct’s Twonky Beam post

Thanks for the reply.

From what I’ve read, these apps only support streaming from specific web services within the app itself. 

What I can’t seem to determine, is if they run in the background and allow apps that already have DLNA built into them, the option to then stream to the WDTV.

For instance, BBC iPlayer has a TV icon in the bottom when you are playing video, which shows Airplay enabled devices within your network. What I would ideally like, is to have the WDTV show up in this list as well.

That’s basically how the YouTube app currently works with the WDTV.

Also, you’ll notice that on the second forum link you posted, the last question in the post is exactly what I’m trying to determine as well.

ok, no probs … i will have to let someone with iOS offer advice

(i’m using Android and can view everything on TV via the WDTV’s “Miracast” feature)