Stream directly from iPad to WD TV Live Media Player

Is it possible and what is the best way to stream music (or video) from an iPad directly to the WDTV Live to be played on stereo receiver.???

 Would like to use the Ipad as a music jukebox for  parties, so guests can choose songs to be queued up.  PC or NAS not involved. I don’t want to use AppleTV.



I tried that and the media player is not detecting the Ipad as an storage location.

I think it’s not possible.

Really? Isn’t the iPad compatible a DLNA client.  There has to be a way to do this.  I don’t want to have to buy an Apple TV box.   Can the WDTV media player connect with an Airplay device?


Yes you can stream from IPAD to WDTV using the WDTVMedia App downloaded from Apple Store and setting source to the Ipad.

Then you can stream Itunes and playlists. 

The App was free but now its about £2.

You will have to play around alittle to learn how to use it.

Hope this helps

Do you know if it runs in the background, keeping the connection to the WDTV , so you can use other apps to stream to the WDTV?  I want to use another app on the ipad (Jukester) as a party jukebox.