Connecting WD TV Live Hub to Ipad


I want to connect an Ipad to my WD TV Live Hub so I can watch movies from the Ipad. Is it possible? In that case, whats apps should I use to get that?

Thank you.

You want to watch movies that are stored on the iPad on the TV?

Or you want to watch movies that are stored on the HUB on an iPad?

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The second option, I want to see movies that are stored on the WD TV Live Hub on the Ipad.

Many Thanks!

There’s bunches and bunches of apps that can do it.

Any number of DLNA client apps (Good player, Twonky Mobile, Buzz)

Any number of Samba client apps (Buzz, File Browser etc)

… to name a few…

Do an isearch for “DLNA client” in the istore. Then i-install one on your ipad. I silly today :slight_smile:

What is the best  App for  a DLNA client to pay for it ? Because with the free versions of the apps I have tried is not possible…

You would think that this was a simple request. For me, trial and error.

First thing, the WD TV Live Media app does not work for most. You can see the titles but either there is no video, or video without audio. Hardly a rewarding experience for movies! I tried Media Link Player and PlayMi apps but they too had problems with audio, or with formats - likely all the codecs are not in the apps.

8Player on the other hand seems to work very well, but does have a 5 dollar price.

The UI is not very Apple like, but is serviceable. You can even ‘Airplay’ video to other devices if the video is in Apple supported formats like mp4, but special container formats like mkv require you to put iPad into mirror mode and that works well.

Good luck. Hope this works for you.

Many thanks.

I tried with Oplayer and it works but very slow and with continous shorts…

I use playerxtreme which allows you to watch movies which are in avi format.

But playerxtreme allows me sharing videos between the WD TV Live Hub and the Ipad? I thought it was only tu share between a Mac and an Ipad…

Thank you.

BuzzPlayerHD has worked very well for me streaming movies from the WD to the ipad.

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