Stream to AirPlay /apple tv

Why can’t I stream from my wd app on Ipad or Iphone to my TV via AirPlay ?
Makes it a bit useless NAS. Come on,we are in the 21st century.


You certainly can. You might not be able to watch the videos with the WD App but there are plenty of apps (including some free) that can stream content from your DLAN media content servers in your network. Look it up Its so simple. :smile:

Yes but why cant the wd app. Do it…Do I need 3-4 app’s to make it work. That is just my point, e.g other brands can do it all but not WD.

I can stream movies from the WD app to my 2nd Gen Apple TV.

What happens when you try, error message, etc? What format are your movies in? I’d suggest they should be mp4 / m4v — re-encoded with something like HandBrake if necessary for AppleTV support.